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MC 814-08

Montgomery County – Housing Opportunities Commission – Service Contracts

Sponsor Delegate Manno

FOR the purpose of providing that before the Housing Opportunities Commission of
Montgomery County may solicit a certain service contract, the
Executive Director of the Montgomery Commission must provide certain
certification; prohibiting the Executive Director from making a certain
certification unless the Commission has taken certain actions; requiring the
Commission to compare certain costs under certain circumstances; requiring the
Commission to provide certain notice and maintain a certain plan under certain
circumstances; authorizing the certified representative of an adversely affected
Commission employee to submit a proposal in response to a certain solicitation;
specifying that noncompliance with the provisions of this Act may not invalidate
certain contract awards or proposed contract awards; authorizing a certified
representative to file a certain appeal on behalf of a Commission employee if the
Commission fails to comply with certain provisions of this Act; authorizing an
administrative hearing officer to award an employee certain damages under
certain circumstances; providing that a certain award of damages shall be the
sole and exclusive remedy for certain violations; providing for the application of
this Act; providing for a certain remedy; defining certain terms; and generally
relating to Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County service

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House Bill Number HB 946
Bill History  
Local Action House:  Public Hearing - Thursday, December 13, 2007  - 7:00 p.m. 3rd Floor Hearing Room - 
 Stella Werner Council Office Building in Rockville.  Online sign up to testify 
   12/14/07 - Assigned to the County Affairs Committee
   01/17/08 - County Affairs Committee - Work Session   AGENDA
   01/24/08 - County Affairs Committee - Work Session/Voting Session -  AGENDAFAVORABLE
   01/25/08 - Montgomery County Delegation Meeting - AGENDA - FAVORABLE 
Bill moves to Montgomery County Senate Delegation
 03/28/08 - Returned Passed
 Local Action Senate:  01/31/08 - Montgomery County Senate Delegation Work/Voting Session - AGENDA - FAVORABLE
House Action:  02/06/08 - First Reading Appropriations Committee
   03/06/08 - Hearing 1:00 p.m. - Appropriations Committee
   03/10/08 - Favorable Report by Appropriations Committee
   03/11/08 - Favorable Report Adopted
                 Second Reading Passed
   03/13/08 - Third Reading Passed (139-0)
Senate Action:  03/14/08 - First Reading Finance Committee
   03/27/08 - Hearing 1:00 p.m. Finance Committee
   03/31/08 - Favorable Report by Finance Committee
   03/28/08 - Favorable Report Adopted
                 Second Reading Passed
   03/29/08 - Third Reading Passed (46-1)
Action After Passage:  04/08/08 - Approved by the Governor
               - Chapter 102