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MC 816-08 Montgomery County – Rental Housing Emergencies – Just Cause Eviction
Sponsor Delegate Mizeur

For the purpose of authorizing Montgomery County and incorporated municipalities
in Montgomery County to recognize and declare a rental housing emergency;
providing for the duration of a rental housing emergency; requiring the county
and incorporated municipalities to make certain findings prior to declaring a
rental housing emergency under this Act; authorizing the county and
incorporated municipalities, upon declaring a rental housing emergency, to
prohibit a landlord from evicting certain tenants in the absence of just cause;
specifying when just cause exists for purposes of this Act; and generally relating
to rental housing and the eviction of residential tenants in Montgomery County.

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House Bill Number HB 825
Bill History  
Local Action House: Public Hearing - Thursday, December 13, 2007  - 7:00 p.m. 3rd Floor Hearing Room - 
Stella Werner Council Office Building in Rockville.  Online sign up to testify 
   12/14/07 - Assigned to the County Affairs Committee
   01/24/08 - County Affairs Work Session/Possible Voting Session   AGENDA
   02/07/08 - County Affairs Committee Voting Session   AGENDA - FAVORABLE with amendments
   02/08/08 - Montgomery County Delegation Voting Session  AGENDA - HOLD - bill returns to County Affairs Committee
   02/14/08 - County Affairs Committee Work/Voting Session   AGENDA 
                   WITHDRAWN - No further action will be taken on this bill.
Local Action Senate:  None
House Action:  02/06/08 - First Reading Environmental Matters Committee
 02/25/08 - WITHDRAWN
Senate Action:  None
Action After Passage:  N/A