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PG/MC 106–08

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission – System Development
Surcharge – Exemptions

Sponsor Chair on behalf of Prince George's County Council

FOR the purpose of authorizing the county councils of Montgomery County and Prince
George’s County to grant an exemption from a system development charge
imposed by the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission for certain
properties owned by certain entities that are exempt from federal taxation and
whose primary use, mission, and purpose is to provide programs and services to
youth under certain circumstances; extending through a certain date the
authority of the county councils of Montgomery County and Prince George’s
County to grant a certain exemption from a certain system development charge;
providing for the termination of this Act; and generally relating to the
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission and the system development charge.

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House Bill Number HB 926
Bill History  Bill will be acted on in Prince George's County Delegation first.
Local Action House - 
Montgomery County Delegation:
12/06/07 - Public Hearing - 7:00 p.m. 3rd Floor Hearing Room - 
Stella Werner Council Office Building in Rockville.  Online sign up to testify 
   12/14/07 - Assigned to Bi-County Agency Committee
Local Action House - 
Prince George's County Delegation:
 10/30/07 - Public Hearing
   02/22/08 - Prince George's County House Delegation meeting - UNFAVORABLE - No further action will be taken on this bill
Local Action Senate - 
Montgomery County Delegation:
House Action:  02/06/08 - First Reading Environmental Matters Committee
   03/03/08 - WITHDRAWN
Senate Action:  NONE
Action After Passage:  N/A