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MC 903-09 Transportation - Highway User Revenues - Highway Maintenance
Sponsor Senator Madaleno
Synopsis For the purpose of altering the allocation of certain transportation revenues among political subdivisions; requiring that a certain portion of certain transportation revenues be allocated to Montgomery County; requiring the State Highway Administration to transfer to Montgomery County all responsibility for maintenance of certain State highways located in Montgomery County on or before a certain date; and generally relating to the allocation of highway user revenues to political subdivisions and the maintenance of State highways in Montgomery County.
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House Bill Number HB 947
Bill History  
Local Action House:

12/11/08 - Public Hearing - 7:00 p.m. 1st Floor Auditorium, Executive Office Bldg., 101 Monroe St. in Rockville

  12/16/08 - Assigned to the Land Use & Transportation Committee
  3/10/09 - WITHDRAWN - No further action will be taken on this bill.
Local Action Senate:  
House Action: 2/12/09 - First reading Ways & Means Committee
  3/11/09 - Hearing - 1:00 p.m. - Ways & Means Committee
Senate Action:  
Action After Passage: