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MC 933-09 Montgomery County - Income Tax - Organic Agriculture Investment Credit
Sponsor Delegates Manno, Ali, Carr, Feldman, Hucker, Lee, Montgomery, Reznik, & Rice
Synopsis For the purpose of authorizing Montgomery County to allow, by law, an individual to claim a credit against the county income tax for certain investments in organic agriculture companies as defined by the governing body of Montgomery County; requiring the governing body of Montgomery County to specify the qualifications for eligibility, the conditions of certification, and the process of application for the credit and to provide for the amount of the credit; authorizing the county to limit the credit only to investments in companies located in the county; authorizing the county to cap the amount of credits issued for any taxable year; authorizing the county to make the credit refundable; authorizing the county to provide for the recapture of the credit; requiring the county to notify the Comptroller if the credit is authorized; providing for the application of this Act; and generally relating to the authority of Montgomery County to authorize a credit against the county income tax for investments in organic agriculture companies.
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House Bill Number HB 836
Bill History  
Local Action House:

2/6/09  Montgomery County House Delegation Meeting - Late-filed bill vote: (2/3’s majority vote in House Delegation needed to accept as late-filed bill and to schedule for a public hearing) 

FAVORABLE - Bill accepted as late-filed


2/13/09 Montgomery County House Delegation Meeting - Public Hearing - AGENDA

  2/13/09 - Assigned to the County Affairs Committee
  2/19/09 - County Affairs Committee Work Session - AGENDA
  2/26/09 - County Affairs Committee Voting Session - AGENDA - FAVORABLE

2/27/09 - Montgomery County House Delegation Voting Session - AGENDA - FAVORABLE

Bill moves to the Montgomery County Senate Delegation & the House Ways & Means Committee

Local Action Senate: 3/11/09 - Montgomery County Senate Delegation Meeting - AGENDA - FAVORABLE
House Action: 2/11/09 - First reading Ways & Means Committee
  3/17/09 - Hearing - 1:00 p.m. - Ways & Means Committee
Senate Action:  
Action After Passage: