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MC/PG 120-09 Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission - Comprehensive Whistleblower Protections
Sponsor Senator Raskin
Synopsis For the purpose of requiring the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission to adopt certain regulations on or before a certain date that establish certain comprehensive employee whistleblower protections; requiring the regulations to be similar to certain other provisions, prohibit a certain manager or supervisor from taking or refusing to take a certain personnel action against a certain employee under certain circumstances, require the Commission to provide certain written notice to certain employees, set up a certain procedure for filing certain complaints or grievances, establish a system for investigating certain complaints, and set forth certain remedial actions that may be taken under certain circumstances; and generally relating to Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission regulations establishing a comprehensive employee whistleblower protections.
House Bill Number HB 1133
Bill History Bill will be acted on in the Montgomery County Delegation first
Local Action House - Montgomery County Delegation: 2/13/09 - Montgomery County House Delegation Meeting - Late-filed bill vote: (2/3’s majority vote in House Delegation needed to accept as late-filed bill and to schedule for a public hearing)  AGENDA    FAVORABLE

2/20/09 - Montgomery County House Delegation Meeting - Public Hearing - AGENDA

Assigned to the Bi-County Agency Committee

  2/23/09 - Bi-County Agency Committee Meeting - AGENDA - HOLD
  3/2/09 - Bi-County Agency Committee Meeting - AGENDA - HOLD
  3/9/09 - Bi-County Agency Committee Meeting - AGENDA - FAVORABLE

3/13/09 - Montgomery County House Delegation Voting Session - AGENDA - FAVORABLE with amendments

Bill moves to the Montgomery County Senate Delegation & House Appropriation Committee

Local Action House - Prince George's County Delegation 2/28/09 - Public Hearing - Prince George's County House Delegation
  3/23/09 - Prince George's County House Delegation - FAVORABLE
Local Action Senate - Montgomery County Delegation: 4/1/09 - Montgomery County Senate Delegation Work & Voting Session - AGENDA - FAVORABLE
Local Action Senate - Prince George's County Delegation: 4/3/09 - Prince George's County Senate Delegation Meeting - FAVORABLE
House Action: 2/13/09 - First reading House Appropriations Committee
  3/10/09 - Hearing - 1:00 p.m. - House Appropriations Committee
  3/28/09 - Favorable Report by Appropriations Committee

3/25/09 - Favorable Report Adopted

                Second Reading Passed

  3/26/09 - Third Reading Passed (134-0)
  4/5/09 - Returned Passed
Senate Action: 3/28/09 - First Reading Finance Committee
  4/7/09 - Hearing - 1:00 p.m. - Finance Committee
  4/9/09 - Favorable Report by Finance Committee

4/5/09 - Favorable Report Adopted

              Second Reading Passed

  4/6/09 - Third Reading Passed (47-0)
Action After Passage:

4/14/09 - Approved by the Governor

             - Chapter 162