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MC/PG 121-09 Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission - Motions
Sponsor Senator Raskin
Synopsis FOR the purpose of prohibiting a certain motion before the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission from being adopted without receiving a majority vote of the commissioners that includes at least one commissioner appointed from Montgomery County and one commissioner appointed from Prince George’s County; and generally relating to motions before the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission.
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House Bill Number HB 1142
Bill History Bill will be acted on in the Montgomery County Delegation first
Local Action House - Montgomery County Delegation: 2/13/09 - Montgomery County House Delegation Meeting - Late-filed bill vote: (2/3’s majority vote in House Delegation needed to accept as late-filed bill and to schedule for a public hearing)  AGENDA   FAVORABLE

2/20/09 - Montgomery County House Delegation Meeting - Public Hearing - AGENDA

Assigned to the Bi-County Agency Committee

  2/23/09 - Bi-County Agency Committee Meeting - AGENDA - FAVORABLE

2/27/09 - Montgomery County House Delegation Voting Session - AGENDA - FAVORABLE

Bill moves to the Prince George's County House Delegation and the Enviromental Matters Committee

Local Action House - Prince George's County Delegation: 2/28/09 - Public Hearing in Prince George's County
Local Action Senate:  
House Action: 2/13/09 - First reading Environmental Matters Committee
Senate Action:  
Action After Passage: