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MC 10-12 Montgomery County - Solicitation and Collection of Money or Donations from Occupants of Vehicles - Adoption of a Permit Program
Sponsor Delegate Kaiser
Synopsis For the purpose of authorizing the Montgomery County Council to enact a local law to require a person to obtain a certain permit before standing in a roadway or median divider or on a sidewalk adjacent to a roadway to solicit and collect money or donations of any kind from the occupant of a vehicle; prohibiting a person from standing, or causing, encouraging, allowing, or petitioning a person to stand in a roadway, median divider, or intersection, or on a sidewalk adjacent to a roadway, to solicit or collect money or donations from the occupant of a vehicle, if a certain permit is required under a local law enacted under this Act and the permit has not been obtained in accordance with the local law; prohibiting a local law enacted under this Act from authorizing a permit to be issued to a minor for certain purposes; and generally relating to the solicitation and collection of money or donations from occupants of vehicles in Montgomery County.
Bill Text

Read bill in pdf here - revised version (posted 2/1/12)

Fiscal Note (preliminary)

House Bill Number HB 721
Bill History  
Local Action House:

12/5/11 - Montgomery County House Delegation Local Bill Hearing - 3rd Floor Hearing Room, Stella Werner Council Office Building, Rockville

7:00 p.m.

  1/5/12 - Assigned to the Land Use & Transportation Committee

2/23/12 - Land Use & Transportation Committee Meeting - AGENDA - Favorable with amendments (6-2)

Amendments (technical) - Voting list

Voting list - bill


2/24/12 - Montgomery County House Delegation Meeting - AGENDA - Favorable as amended (20-3) - Voting list

Voting list - Amendments

Bill moves to the Montgomery County Senate Delegation & the House Environmental Matters Committee

Local Action Senate: 3/8/12 - Montgomery County Senate Delegation Meeting - AGENDA
  3/9/12 - Montgomery County Senate Delegation Voting Session - AGENDA - Favorable as amended (8-0) - Bill Report
House Action: 2/8/12 - First Reading Environmental Matters Committee
  3/20/12 - Public Hearing - Environmental Matters Committee - 1:00 p.m.
  3/23/12 - Favorable with Amendments by Environmental Matters Committee

3/20/12 - Favorable with Amendments Report Adopted

                Second Reading Passed with Amendments

  3/21/12 - Third Reading Passed (126-2)

4/3/12 - House Concur - Senate Amendments

              Third Reading Passed (114-4)

              Passed Enrolled

Senate Action: 3/22/12 - First Reading Judicial Proceedings Committee
  4/3/12 - Public Hearing - Judicial Proceedings Committee
  4/5/12 - Favorable with Amendments Report by Judicial Proceedings Committee

3/30/12 - Favorable with Amendments Report Adopted

                Second Reading Passed with Amendments

  3/31/12 - Third Reading Passed with Amendments (46-0)
Action After Passage:

5/2/12 - Approved by the Governor

              Chapter 392