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PG/MC 105-12 WITHDRAWN - Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission – Residential Rental Property – Delinquency – Receiver
Sponsor Delegation Chairs on behalf of Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
Synopsis For the purpose of authorizing the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission or certain persons to institute an action for receivership in certain cases of delinquency in accounts for water and sewer usage provided to a residential rental property in the sanitary district under certain circumstances; establishing a certain procedure for petitioning a circuit court for appointment of a receiver; requiring a certain court to issue a certain show cause order to certain persons under certain circumstances; requiring the show cause order to be posted and served in certain manners; requiring the court to conduct a certain hearing within a certain period of time; authorizing a receiver to receive certain money and to take certain actions; requiring a receiver to establish an escrow account for certain purposes; requiring a receiver to pay certain charges from the escrow account; providing that certain persons are liable for certain fees and costs; providing for the termination of a receivership under certain circumstances; providing that certain actions may not be maintained against certain persons for a certain period under certain circumstances; providing for the application of certain rules to a receivership under this Act; defining certain terms; and generally relating to the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission and delinquencies involving residential rental property.
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House Bill Number HB 888
Bill History
This bill will be acted on in the Montgomery County Delegation first.
Local Action House - Montgomery County Delegation:

12/7/11 - Montgomery County House Delegation Bi-County Bill Hearing - 3rd Floor Hearing Room, Stella Werner Council Office Building, Rockville

7:00 p.m.

  1/5/12 - Assigned to the Bi-County Agencies Committee
  1/30/12 - Bi-County Agencies Committee Meeting - AGENDA - HOLD
  2/20/12 - WITHDRAWN - No further action will be taken on this bill.
Local Action House - Prince George's County Delegation: 12/3/11 - Prince George's County House Delegation Public Hearing - Queen Anne’s Theater, Prince George’s County Community College, Largo
Local Action Senate - Montgomery County Delegation:  
Local Action Senate - Prince George's County Delegation:  
House Action: 2/9/12 - First Reading Environmental Matters Committee
  2/27/12 - Unfavorable Report by Environmental Matters Committee - Withdrawn
Senate Action:  
Action After Passage: