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MC/PG 104-13 Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission - Water Conservation On-Bill Financing Program
Sponsor Delegate Carr
Synopsis For the purpose of authorizing the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission to establish the Water Conservation On–Bill Financing Program for a certain purpose; authorizing the Commission, by resolution, to issue bonds to finance or refinance certain costs of the Program; providing that the bonds are limited obligations, payable solely from certain revenues or certain other money, and do9 not constitute a pledge of the faith and credit of certain entities; requiring the Commission to determine certain provisions of certain bonds; providing that a certain signature is valid in certain circumstances; establishing that certain bonds are negotiable instruments; authorizing the Commission to sell certain bonds in a certain manner; providing for the use of the proceeds of a certain bond issuance; authorizing certain sources of security or payment for certain bonds; authorizing the Commission to issue certain revenue refunding bonds; authorizing the Commission to enter into a certain trust agreement for a certain purpose; exempting certain bonds and associated funds from certain taxes; requiring the Program to require a customer to repay certain financial assistance through a certain surcharge; providing that a person that acquires property subject to a certain surcharge assumes the obligation to pay the surcharge; providing that a certain surcharge constitutes a lien on certain property; requiring the Program to include certain eligibility requirements, application procedures, a certain financing charge or fee calculation method, standards for determining certain repayment provisions, and loan terms and conditions; providing for the application of certain provisions of law; defining certain terms; and generally relating to the Water Conservation On–Bill Financing Program of the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission.
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Fiscal Note (preliminary)

House Bill Number HB 634
Bill History This bill will be acted on in the Montgomery County Delegation first.
Local Action House - Montgomery County Delegation:

12/5/12 - Montgomery County House Delegation Bi-County Bill Hearing - 3rd Floor Hearing Room, Stella Werner Council Office Building, Rockville

7:00 p.m.

  1/3/13 - Assigned to the Bi-County Agencies Committee
  1/28/13 - Bi-County Agencies Committee Meeting - AGENDA - Hold

2/4/13 - Bi-County Agencies Committee Meeting - AGENDA - Favorable with amendments (5-0)


Voting list - Del. Carr Amendments (3 sets)

Voting list - bill


2/8/13 - Montgomery County House Delegation Meeting - AGENDA - Favorable as amended (20-0)


Voting list - amendments

Voting list - bill

Bill moves to the Prince George's County House Delegation

Local Action House - Prince George's County Delegation:

12/1/12 - Prince George's County Delegation Bill Hearing - Prince George's Community College, Queen Anne Performing Arts Center, Largo

10:00 a.m.

  2/22/13 - Prince George's County House Delegation Meeting - Special ordered for one week
  3/1/13 - Prince George's County House Delegation Meeting - Special ordered for one week

3/8/13 - Prince George's County House Delegation Meeting - Unfavorable (11-11)

No further action will be taken on this bill.

Local Action Senate - Montgomery County Delegation:  
Local Action Senate - Prince George's County Delegation:  
House Action: 2/1/13 - First Reading Environmental Matters Committee
  3/14/13 - Unfavorable Report by Environmental Matters Committee - Withdrawn
Senate Action:  
Action After Passage: