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PG/MC 108-14 WITHDRAWN - Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission – System Development Charge – Upgrade of Facilities
Sponsor Delegate Gilchrist
Synopsis For the purpose of authorizing the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission to allow a developer to upgrade an existing facility for a certain use necessary for the developer’s project under certain circumstances; requiring that a certain upgraded facility be designed, constructed, and inspected in accordance with certain standards, laws, regulations, and written policies; requiring the Commission to accept a certain facility as part of the Commission system and grant the developer a certain credit under certain circumstances; requiring the Commission to explain in writing to the developer the reasons for rejecting the developer’s request to upgrade a certain facility under certain circumstances; and generally relating to the upgrading of facilities and credits against charges by the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission.
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Fiscal Note (preliminary)

House Bill Number HB 974
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Local Action House - Montgomery County Delegation:

12/4/13 - Montgomery County House Delegation Bi-County Bill Hearing - 3rd Floor Hearing Room, Stella Werner Council Office Building, Rockville

7:00 p.m.

  12/4/13 - Assigned to the Bi-County Agencies Committee
  1/28/14 - Bi-County Agencies Committee Meeting - AGENDA - Hold
  2/4/14 - Bi-County Agencies Committee Meeting - AGENDA - Hold
  2/10/14 - Bi-County Agencies Committee Meeting - AGENDA - Hold
  2/17/14 - WITHDRAWN
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House Action: 2/6/14 - First Reading Environmental Matters Committee
  2/24/14 - Environmental Matters Committee - Withdrawn
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