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MC 24-15 WITHDRAWN - Montgomery County – Transit Authority
Requested by Chair on behalf of Montgomery County Government
Synopsis For the purpose of authorizing the governing body of Montgomery County to create, by local law, a Transit Authority to perform county transit functions as an instrumentality of the county and body corporate and politic and governed by a certain board; authorizing the governing body, by local law, to create a special taxing district to finance the cost of county transit functions, impose a certain special tax, specify the organization of the Transit Authority, specify certain powers of the Transit Authority, establish a certain budget process for the Transit Authority, and specify certain other matters related to the Transit Authority; providing that provisions of the Montgomery County Charter do not apply to the Transit Authority except under certain circumstances; providing that a certain tax limitation does not apply to certain revenue raised for certain purposes; authorizing the Transit Authority to provide for the issuance of certain revenue bonds for certain purposes, subject to certain conditions and exempt from certain provisions of law; providing for the tax exempt status of certain bonds; providing for reversion of certain title to property under certain circumstances; declaring the Transit Authority to be a “constituted authority” for certain purposes; authorizing the governing body to transfer certain county transit functions to the Transit Authority; requiring the governing body to provide by local law certain provisions relating to certain employees under certain circumstances; requiring the Maryland Department of Transportation to grant to the Transit Authority certain rights; requiring that the Transit Authority be entitled to receive certain funds under certain circumstances; requiring the Transit Authority to be subject to the Montgomery County Public Ethics Law; defining certain terms; altering the definition of “local government” as it relates to the Local Government Tort Claims Act; providing for the construction of certain provisions of this Act; and generally relating to the creation of a Transit Authority for Montgomery County.
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House Bill Number HB 104
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Local Action House:

1/23/15 - Montgomery County House Delegation Meeting - Late-filed bill vote - AGENDA - Favorable (19-4) - Voting list

(2/3’s majority vote in House Delegation needed to accept as late-filed bill and to schedule for a public hearing)

  1/30/15 - Montgomery County Delegation Public Bill Hearing - 3rd Floor Hearing Room, Stella Werner Council Office Building, 100 Maryland Ave., Rockville

6:00 p.m.

  1/30/15 - Assigned to the Land Use, Transportation, and Public Safety Committee
  2/2/15 - WITHDRAWN
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