Delegation Committees

All local and bi-county bills are assigned to one of the following committees for study and review before being voted on in the full House Delegation. The local committee then votes to make a recommendation to the full delegation. The Chair has made the following assignments to the local committees:

Economic Development Committee

This committee works on all local legislation, with the exception of transportation and public safety related bills.

Chair: Delegate Lily Qi
Vice Chair: Delegate Jared Solomon
Delegate Ariana Kelly
Delegate Anne Kaiser
Delegate Lesley Lopez
Delegate Kirill Reznik

Education, Elections, and Housing Committee

This committee works on all local legislation and policy positions related to public education and school financing.

Chair: Delegate Emily Shetty
Vice Chair: Delegate Vaughn Stewart
Delegate Kumar Barve
Delegate Julie Palakovich Carr
Delegate Bonnie Cullison
Delegate Pam Queen

Land Use, Transportation, and Public Safety Committee

This committee works on M-NCPPC bills which deal with land use issues as well as any legislation related to transportation and public safety issues.

Chair: Delegate Sara Love
Vice Chair: Delegate Gabe Acevero
Delegate Charlotte Crutchfield
Delegate Jim Gilchrist
Delegate David Moon
Delegate Jheanelle Wilkins

Metro Washington Area Committee

This committee works on all WSSC bills as well as M-NCPPC bills which do not deal with land use or transportation issues.

Chair: Delegate Al Carr
Vice Chair: Delegate Lorig Charkoudian
Delegate Linda Foley
Delegate David Fraser-Hidalgo
Delegate Marc Korman
Delegate Eric Luedtke